About Stokhos & what we do

Stokhos is a company that wants to improve quality of life by means of mathematics & computer science.


The application suite of Stokhos caters for the Emergency Management Services. The suite consists of a Real Time Proactive deployment solution and a Strategical Simulation & Decision management tool.


Real time Support with our Real Time Proactive DSS delivers a strong focus on realizing real time  proactive deployment used by dispatch centers.
Simulation & Analytics for improved decision making as well as strategical “what-if” analysis  improves performance of emergency services by supporting strategical, tactical and even operational decision making.

Strong Scientific Background

The Stokhos decision support system for emergency services is based on over 10 years of scientific research in Emergency Mathematics.

Emergency Mathematics

Stokhos has a inclusive attitude towards patients, clients, stakeholders and reveals the human side to mathematics.

Improve quality of life

Stokhos is a company that wants to improve quality of life by means of mathematics & computer science

Integration of systems and networks

Stokhos has an non-threatening character and wants to make their knowledge available for the outside world.

How the DSS of Stokhos works

An application suite to support both real time proactive decision making as well as strategical simulations and analysis to support decision making.

Road Network Data

Getting an emergency vehicle at the right place at the right time requires extensive insight in Road Network Data

Real Time Analysis

Every change that might effect the coverage is analysed in real time to deliver valuable information

Historical Hotspots

Historical Hotspots is one of the indicators used to constantly maintain optimal coverage

Demand Curve

The algorithm uses the current and ``predicts`` the future demand curve to reach optimal coverage

Our partners

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The algorithms of our DSS have booked great results. Do you want to know what they can do for your organisation?

How we help emergency services.

Here are services we provide to help emergency services further improve their performance and services.

Real time Dispatch Optimization
Strategic Simulation & Scenarios
Training & Consulting
Customization & Algorithm development

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