Our Seconds Application calculates the coverage of a region in real-time and gives advice to maximise the probability that future incidents are reached within the set response time targets. Read more about how it works below!


Coverage Need Prediction

  • The coverage need for each location in the region is predicted using a combination of demographical population data and historical incident data.
  • Because of this unique combination the coverage need prediction incorporates large scale population movements as well as demographically abnormal incident rates.

Ambulance Coverage

  • The coverage of one single ambulance is based on how much of the surrounding region it can reach within the response time targets.
  • Driving times are predicted by using historical data.
  • Our system is designed to minimise total driving time of emergency vehicles and specifically aims to reach the targets.

Actual, Usable Advice

  • Other systems that aim to help dispatchers keep track of the regions coverage often only display the holes in the coverage.
  • Our Seconds mathematical algorithm gives advice on how to fill holes in the coverage while keeping the coverage of the entire region as complete as the current ambulance availability allows.

Developed and Evaluated through Science

Base and Evaluation

  • The algorithm is based on 20 man-years of mathematical work by researchers, in part at the CWI, TUDelft and VU Amsterdam.
  • Stokhos is continuously busy evaluating the working of the algorithm using custom made simulation tools.


  • We run various stability tests before executing and overseeing the update process.
  • Professional staff can quickly be sent to your location in the unlikely event of an issue.


  • Our program has helped the Dutch emergency region Flevoland reach its response time targets.
  • Coverage was improved in countless of simulations for a variety of different emergency regions.
  • Checking current coverage situations at a glance has reassured dispatchers.

User experiences

“It’s great to know the current state of my coverage at a glance!”


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What you can expect:

Pre-Purchase Consultancy

  • Free consultancy about what Stokhos can do to help suit your coverage needs including statistics based on a months worth of simulations with your regions own data.

Seconds Application

  • Our application fine-tuned to work for your particular regional coverage needs.
  • Free workshops for your dispatchers.
  • Professional installation of the application within your dispatch centre.

General Consultancy

  • Base optimisation: e.g. optimal base locations and amounts.
  • Shift optimisation: e.g. adding or removing shifts and simulating its effect on the coverage.
  • Ambulance number optimisation: e.g. finding the minimum optimal amount of ambulances.

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